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Are Getting Married


Sunday, June 5, 2022

Wedding Ceremony: 12:00pm

Wedding Reception: 1:30pm


New Haven Lawn Club

193 Whitney Ave,

New Haven, CT 06511


John and Christine met at the audition for Pitches and Tones. As the director of the audition, John played the piano while Christine sang for him, the first of many times this would happen (promise we’re not describing the plot to Phantom of the Opera!). Christine was elated to be accepted to the group. As their friendship grew, they discovered many similarities between them such as a passion for music, fondness for Broadway musicals, love of cats, and favorite food of sushi…Though both were already short on sleep from being busy college students, they often spent late nights baking sweet treats or just talking, in their colleges in Saybrook and Berkeley. On a trip to East Rock Park, they walked to a bridge overlooking a serene lake and discussed how thankful they were to have met each other. The relationship became official when Christine almost missed her flight due to the road being blocked off in New Haven. As he called an Uber, John exclaimed to the phone that his girlfriend needed a ride. And the rest is history!


As they pursued their careers and shared new adventures together, they traveled across the country from Mississippi to Alaska, studying in New York, Boston, and Miami, often facing long distances between each other. After years of strengthening their relationship, Christine made John the happiest man in the world by accepting his proposal of marriage. 


John planned to propose to Christine at East Rock Park. On their arrival, they found that the park was closed. Without explanation, John insisted that they walk through the woods to the original destination: the bridge where they had first talked about their relationship. Christine ALWAYS gets bitten by mosquitoes as long as there’s one around. The journey through the woods left her with several bites, including a large lump on her forehead. Although she was initially focused on fending off the bugs, she was suddenly surprised and delighted when they arrived at the bridge and John got down on one knee. Both were beyond happy and grateful to be moving forward to the next step of their relationship! They took photos smiling under the blue sky (with the bug bites to be Photoshopped out later, of course ;)) 

Our story

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Want to experience the path of Christine and John’s relationship, and visit their favorite spots in New Haven? See the map and follow these steps! 
Things To Do

Please feel free to reserve your room at The Homewood Suites in Orange, CT.  A shuttle will be provided from the hotel to the wedding celebration. Be sure to mention that you are part of the “Xu/Baxter Wedding” or group code XBW.

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